OK so it’s really been almost 2 weeks since my last weight loss update, but I’ve actually slowed right down with the pills so thought I’d update at the end of my first round of it.

I’m happy to report that I’m back to my pre-Taiwan/ pre-mid-thirties normal weight of 53kgs!

Weight 0913

I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes, and actually feel less tiring carrying my own weight around.  Some people have noticed my weight loss too – Mr Ronan said I looked good in an outfit when it was just simple black pants and a jersey top!

I’m getting more used to my new eating habits – I actually do enjoy eating breakfast, I just wish I can eat some carbs for it (Gimme pancakes! Gimme rice rolls! Gimme 3 in 1!)… but generally I have some fruit (7-Eleven’s plate o’ guava, pear & cherry tomatoes), a hard-boiled egg, and a bottle of drinking yoghurt.  I have a big lunch of meat & veg (or just veg, if where I’m eating has no just meat options), and plain soup noodles or pasta for dinner.

However, the reason I’ve been taking it much slower with the pills is the insomnia.  I’ve experienced no other side effects, the slight headache has subsided, and I go to the toilet just the same as I always did.  But I have gotten used to the sleeping aids that were also prescribed to me, and have found it impossible to go to sleep most days when I take the pills.  So I take it 1 day, and have a couple of days off, so my 2nd week of pills have lasted almost 2 weeks.

I went back on Friday night to get my last 3 day’s worth of pills changed again due to the insomnia problem, and whilst on Friday night I was able to sleep, Saturday night I wasn’t.  I’m thinking it could also be due to the fact that I didn’t drink much water yesterday, so I shall get back onto drinking the instructed 3 litres of water, and have a glass of milk + banana for supper, and a glass of red + an omega-3 capsule like the doctor recommended to see how I go with the last day of the pills.

So it’s going to take a little longer for me to get down to my goal weight, but I’m happy to be heading in the right direction.  Hopefully with my return to the doctor’s, the next round of pills will be just the right dosage for me *fingers crossed*

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4 thoughts on “A Lazy Girl’s Diary to Losing Weight – Week 2

  1. Yay! Congrats on seeing results! Some areas can be so much more stubborn than others right? :(

    Do you mind me asking what your goal weight is? And do you know what kind of weight loss pills are you taking? Hope I’m not intruding too much.

    • Biosense Pharmacy: My goal weight is ideally 48kg but I’d be happy with 50kg. I do have a print out of everything I’m taking but I’m no good with pharmaceutical names… Mahuan makes appearance at least twice a day if that makes sense to you?

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