In one of the earliest posts I ever did, I wrote about my love of masks (see here).  Masks are integral in maintaining the health of the complexion, and I find them especially important when the skin is undergoing environmental or biological stress.

So how often should and can you use masks?  I’ve come to learn over the years, that the skin loves a daily dose of concentrated treatment, and reacts very well to daily use of mask, provided the mask is non-drying and non-irritating.  This includes masks that contain alcohol, exfoliating granules, clay/mud and AHAs – leave those as once-a-week rituals.

Masks suitable to use everyday are thus hydrating masks, calming/soothing masks, and brightening masks.

Being the lazy person that I am, I have to admit that the number of times that I have treated my skin to daily face mask is less than a few.  First time was when I suffered severe adult acne all over my face, then the month before I made the move to Taiwan when I was trying to use up as much product as possible, and most recently when I had to trial 4 sheet masks for work.

But every time I’ve done so, there would be very noticeable difference to the brightness of my skin, and the pores are much more refined.

Of course, you can churn through masks quite quickly this way.  And that’s why I tend to stockpile drugstore masks, and spend more on other skincare items (my save-and-spend philosophy :) )

Luckily, nowadays there are a number of great cheap sheet masks readily available for this purpose eg. My Beauty Diary, Beautymate, SexyLook (find them on Ebay or if you don’t live in Asia).  You can also soak thin cotton squares in hydrating toners and place them on your face, for the same effect that is just as economical.

So if your skin is in a less an ideal state; if you have an important event coming up; or just want to boost your complexion – I really recommend using masks daily.  I promise you’ll see a difference within a week.

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4 thoughts on “A Mask a Day Keeps the Wrinkles at Bay

    • Ponikuta: I’ve only tried SKII mask once – good but just too exxy! Will have to get onto Beautymate soon!

    • Rainy Day & Lattes: I know what you mean – I’m like that too… drawer full of sheet masks but some nights I just sit in front of the TV/computer without moving. So as a step down from daily mask, I try for 2-3 times a week.

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