Domohorn Wrinkle is a brand that has just entered the Taiwanese and Hong Kong market with a bang.  Developed by SAISHUNKAN Co. Limited, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Domohorn Wrinkle is a 8-step anti-ageing skincare program that utilises up to 150 Chinese medicinal herbal extracts, to boost the health of the skin from within.

As lazy as I am, I still found the idea of an 8-step program intriguing, and with a trial set retailing at a tiny NT$198, I just had to give it a go.

The 3-day trial sets includes all 8 products:

Oil-in-Gel Remover (7g) / Silky Cream Foam (7g) / Relieving Foam Mask (8g) / Intense Hydrator (8mL) / Vital White Essence (3mL) / Cream20 (3g) / Milky Veil Lotion (5mL) / UV Dress Cream (1g)

1.  Oil-in-Gel Remover

My score: 1/5

A gel cleanser that incorporates 6 types of natural oils.  It cleanses makeup well enough for me, however I didn’t find it to emulsify completely, leaving a slightly greasy film on my skin that I dislike.  110g retails NT$2000.

2.  Silky Cream Foam

My score: 3.5/5

I don’t really care for foaming face washes, but sadly this is what the majority of Taiwanese women like.  However I quite liked this product, as it cleans without making my skin feeling dry afterwards.  110g retails NT$2000.

3.  Relieving Foam Mask

My score: 4.5/5

A foam mask that gets absorbed into the skin.  I have to admit that I was not committed to the program enough to do this as one of the steps, leaving it for a once to twice weekly treat like I do with other masks.  But I really love this product!  The foam is deliciously rich, and does a great job at revitalizing the complexion.  80g retails NT$4800.

4.  Intense Hydrator

My score: 3/5

A skin softener that hydrates the skin and prepare it for the products afterwards.  The texture feels more luxurious than the average drugstore hyaluronic acid fluids, but the results are quite similar.  120ml retails NT$2000.

5.  Vital White Essence

My score: 4/5

A thick-ish serum that absorbs nicely into the skin, making it supple and bouncy.  I also really like the scent – a subtle citrusy sandalwood fragrance that is lovely and soothing.  30ml retails NT$4000.

6.  Cream20

My score: 3.5/5

A moisturising cream that hydrates and leaves a protective barrier on the skin, yet is non-greasy.  The description on the Domohorn Wrinkle website says that this product effectively regenerates collagen in the skin, however the trial size of 3g did not last me long enough to experience such difference.  30g retails NT$5200.

7.  Milky Veil Lotion

My score: 2/5

A milky runny lotion.  I found it weird to apply a fluid after the cream, and have to say I don’t really like it.  Even without the cream underneath, this makes my skin looking and feeling oily.  100ml retails NT$2000.

8.  UV Dress Cream (SPF31/ PA++)

My score: 5/5

A tinted moisturiser that smooths the skin tone and provides sun protection.  I LOVE this product as it makes the skin look so glowy and healthy!  It doesn’t have enough coverage for hyper pigmentation, so suits those with already good skin, or team it with a good concealer and set with powder.  25g retails NT$2000.


I quite enjoyed using the Domohorn Wrinkle 8-step program, and felt that the products definitely work better together than individually.  The 3-day trial kit actually lasted me about 5 days (except for the mask, which I only used a couple of times), and my skin felt healthier and more supple.

The stand-out products were the Silk Foam Mask, Vital White Essence, and UV Dress Cream, all of which I would be happy to incorporate into my everyday skincare routine.

HOWEVER, whilst the price for the trial kit is very reasonable, the full size products are extremely pricey – comparable to prestige brands such as Chanel.  So whilst I liked the results Domohorn Wrinkle delivered, it wasn’t drastic enough for me to shell out so much money.  I would say 1/2 or 2/3 of its current price points would be a fairer amount.

Domohorn Wrinkle is available online and via phone orders only.  For Taiwanese residents visit Hong Kong residents visit

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2 thoughts on “Domohorn Wrinkle 8-Step Skincare

  1. While these multi steps routines *might* be good for Asian skins (I don’t know, I don’t have Asian skins) I have actually talked with dermatologists who see an increasing number of European girls with skin problems resulting from the use of such complex routines, multiple cleansing, layering of moisturizers and lotions etc… That is since they have been hyped here these past years under the name “Japanese Layering”. So it looks really interesting but if would probably kill my thin Caucasian skin :( Oh well, we can always pick just a few steps :)
    Mariella (Musing on Beauty) recently posted..Five new Makeup Geek eyeshadow swatches and FOTDMy Profile

    • Mariella: Wow that’s interesting! All the products in Domohorn Wrinkle range are quite mild, so I don’t think they’d overload the skin. But I’m too lazy and the products are too costly for me to use as a set anyhow :D

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