In my last post, I blogged about my dismay of the newly launched Kanebo Kate Real Create Eyes Palette.  But be assured that this brand does have plenty to offer.  I picked up one of the Wide Edge Eyes eyeshadow palettes, which were released Autumn 2011.

There are 5 variants in this range as well.  And as I’m researching for an upcoming product launch, I again picked up the brown/neutral one, BR1:

Like the Real Create Eyes Palette, the instructions are on the acetate box ARRRGH!  I’ve really enjoyed following the instructions that come with the Asian eyeshadow palettes – they’ve definitely given me some different takes on how I normally apply eyeshadows, so I’d like to hang onto them.  Here they are for our reference :D

This palette is designed to give wider, longer eyes by using the lighter shades in the inner corners of the eyes, then gradating to darker hues on the outer edges.  The dramatic Japanese dude is back with an instructional video on this palette too LOL

The good thing is with this palette, is that even thought the pigments are sheer, they have good pay-off and vary in texture.  The base colour is matte, and the rest go from shimmer to satin.  The gold/terracotta tinge also picks up the complexion, and makes the neutral eyes alluring.

I adore this palette – and think it suits makeup novices and seasoned wearers equally.  Due to its sheerness I do recommend that you use a good eye primer (eg. Urban Decay Primer Potion) to keep the colours in place.

Kate Wide Edge Eyes retail for NT$400 (about AUD$13) and is available from Watson and Cosmed.  For non-Taiwan residents please try reputable Ebay sellers.

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