Many of you may have seen this on Beauty Heaven, I found it strangely fascinating and I’m going to go out on a limb here and make it a tag post.

The tag is – find your celebrity look-alike!

Here are my results:

I have a feeling these may be all the Asian celebs on file, and what’s with the out-dated photos?  Anyway, based on my knowledge of some of these celebs and Google, I think my best celebrity match is BoA.

Boa Kwon, born November 5, 1986, is a Korean singer, active in South Korea, Japan, and the United States and sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Korean Pop Music”. She was discovered by SM Entertainment talent agents when she accompanied her older brother to a talent search in 1998, and since then has sold 60 million albums worldwide.

I think there’s a bit of resemblance, but clearly BoA is a lot younger and fresher looking than I am!  And I would give anything to have such a small face :P

Do you think BoA is my celebrity look-alike?  And please share yours!  You can find your celebrity look-alike here.

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12 thoughts on “My Celebrity Look-alike Tag

    • One of my family friend did say I was a bit Maggie Cheung when I was younger *blush*, but she’s such a legend I dare not compare myself to her :D

  1. oh what the hell… my comment post has my most recent blog post… no wonder! >_>; bahhhhhhh there’s a setting on your comment box in regards to “attaching” your most recent blog post if you’re also w. blogger. holy cow! :O I DIDN’T KNOW THIS! *learnt something* LOL totally just talked-to-myself on your blog post HAHA by mad ^_^;

    • Hmmm can’t say I see much of a resemblance there – Aya looks kinda generic and you have a much better look than her. But still, she’s young and famous so not a bad result nonetheless! (can I be any more superficial? :P)

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