It’s been ages since I’ve written a cosmetic procedure post!  Since arriving at Taiwan, I’ve been enjoying the relatively cheap varieties of cosmetic procedures here, having monthly laser treatments and quarterly botox on the corners of my mouth.

I had my last nose augmentation 2.5 years ago in Malaysia using Bio-Alcamid (see my post here), since it was my second injection, the majority of the filler is still there, although a visible dent can be seen right in the middle of the bridge, and as I said in the previous post, I really wished I’d injected my nose tip last time too.

Preparation/ Research

I’ve been loyal to Jin Yen Clinic, where I got my dermal fillers and botox a couple years ago.  Dr Chen (owner and Chief) there has such great technique when it comes to injectables, and he is so damn nice too!  The rest of the staff are also great, always making me feel very comfortable and well taken cared of.  The Clinic is in the golden area that is known as the East District of Taipei, which not only is very convenient to get to, but the competitiveness of cosmetic industry there means that its prices are also very reasonable.


For these reasons I have referred so many friends and family members to Jin Yen Clinic, and for that Dr Chen offered me 1cc of fillers free of charge – yipee!!!!

Dr Chen is only in the Clinic on Wednesdays (however he also flies to China and tends to all the wealthy ladies there XD), so as soon as our schedules aligned I went to see him quick smart.

On the Day

I rocked up to Jin Yen Clinic at my appointed time of 7pm and the Clinic was in all sorts of frenzy.  You see, it’s 2 weeks prior to Chinese New Year which means that (i) Everyone wants to get freshened up before the new year reunion, and (ii) The clinic will shut for a couple of weeks and the clients are petrified lol.

By the time I actually saw Dr Chen, it was 10pm, a hour after the clinic was suppose to close, so it was a long night for all!

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I pointed out the dent in the middle of my nose bridge to Dr Chen, and told him that I want to elongate my nose tip.  Everything else was left up to him – he’s injected me with botox many a times so I trust his expertise completely.

Local anaesthetic is available but as that causes swelling, I only had that for the nose tip.  For the bridge I only had anaesthetic cream and ice applied to numb the area.  I need not have worried though, Dr Chen was so amazing that I hardly felt a thing.  It was definitely one of the least painful procedures I’ve had!


I was prescribed with 3 days worth of anti-inflammatory, and told I can go back and see Dr Chen if I’m unhappy with anything.  Other than slight discomfort from the swelling for a couple of days, I experienced no other negative reactions so no follow-up appointment was required.

Before and After

I am absolutely thrilled with the results!  Dr Chen did such a great job!!  The curvature of the bridge is just right, and the addition to the tip of the nose makes it look more elegant without changing the roundness of it (I didn’t want the tip to look sharp or pointy).

With makeup

Juvederm should last around 6-9 months.  Jin Yen Clinic actually has a red hot special on it at the moment – only NT$8,800 for 1cc!  I’m most probably going to buy one and keep it for my next top-up.

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6 thoughts on “Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation – Round 3

  1. Your nose looks amazing! It is definitely one of the best filler jobs I have seen so far.
    Do you mind sharing the clinic details,
    and do they only communicate in Chinese?

    Sarah x

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