You may have noticed that I didn’t say much about the nail art I was treated to at the Tsumiki Design event.  There is a good reason for it – I simply need to dedicate another post to it.

Clara H is the nail artist stationed at Tsumiki Design, and she is, a true ARTIST.  Certified by the Japanese Nail Association, Clara has had years of experience in the bridal, fashion and salon industries.  Of course, Clara does awesome manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements, but what sets her apart, are her mind-blowing nail art!

Utilising a variety of acrylics, embellishment and nail colours, Clara is able to transform your nails into works of art.  And it’s customised to what you want/feel like.  As there were so many of us to get through on the day of the Tsumiki event, Clara did some (what she considers) simple nail art for us.

As I was going to be a bridesmaid a week after the event, I asked for some purple roses (purple was the theme colour of my friend’s wedding) and ivory base.  Turns out, my nail art matches the bouquets exactly!  Two weeks later and my nail art is still going strong, I’ve changed the base colour to pastel pink and it looks so cute!

And check out the nail art she did on some of the other MBBEs:

Bows & Diamantes

Bows & Glitter

Roses & Diamantes

Hand painted Roses & Polka Dots

My ready-to-be-bridesmaid nails

How gorgeous are they!??

And please do check out Clara’s gallery of work on  She is one freakishly talented lady!

Clara is stationed at Tsumiki Design every Friday & Saturday.  For appointments and enquiries call 0401 528 289 or email

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