I realise I may be a bit late in getting into Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes.  You may also recall a previous post in which I admitted to forgoing the first Naked Palette, and my reasons for doing so.  Anyhow in my recent research for work, I purchased both, and thought I’d do a comparison of the two.

Just to clarify, I purchased these on company expense.  As such they don’t belong to me, and this review is based purely on first impression and swatching them.

1.  Outer Packaging

The original Naked Palette is made of cardboard case that is covered with hot stamped velvet.  It feels luxurious and remains compact and light.

Naked Palette 2, on the other hand is made from plastic case and sits within an embossed metal case.  Feels solid and would withstand wear and tear better than the original Naked Palette, however make it a little too heavy for my liking.

Winner – Original Naked Palette

2.  Internal Content

The internal appearances for both palettes are extension of the outside, so Naked Palette 2 looks a little more industrial with its use of plastic and metal.  I didn’t check the weight of the eyeshadows, although I would assume they would be the same.

However, you can see that the mirror is much bigger in Naked Palette 2.  This makes using the palette on the go much more convenient.

Winner: Naked Palette 2

3.  Brushes

The brushes included in Naked Palettes are outstanding – nice soft bristles with solid handles.  The main difference, is the brush that comes with Naked Palette 2 is duo ended.  On one side is a short, rounded flat brush like the one in Naked Palette 1 – which is great for depositing pigments on the eyelids.

But a BIG plus is the eye fluffer on the other end of the brush in Naked Palette 2.  I LOVE eye fluffers as they are so awesome for blending out the different colours, especially in the crease area.  For a palette with 12 colours, I think it’s essential.

Winner: Naked Palette 2

3.  Pigments

Both palettes feature neutral tones (hence the name) and all pigments have good colour pay-off.  Each eyeshadow vary in depth of colour and range from matte to shimmer.

To me, it seems more thoughts were put into the first palette, in that each colour is quite different, and the textures suit what each colour would be used for.  I was pleasantly surprised by the colours in the original Naked Palette, even though I already have so many neutral eyeshadows, there are a lot in this palette unlike what I already have, and can see myself using quite frequently.

Naked Palette 2 is more ordinary to me.  A few shades are too similar to each other, and to what’s already in the first Naked Palette.  There also seem to be less logic in the varying textures.

Winner – Original Naked Palette 

4.  Mini GWP

The original Naked Palette comes with a miniature size of Primer Potion, whilst Naked Palette 2 comes with a mini ligloss.  No competition here – the Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) is one of my HG products.  It is the only thing that locks in my eye makeup, all day long.  And lipgloss is…. well, a lipgloss.

Winner – Original Naked Palette 

The verdict:

After swatching both, I’m actually very tempted to purchase a Naked Palette 1 for myself!  The inclusion of UDPP and the great pigments make it great for makeup beginners to professionals equally.  The smaller mirror is not a big deal, as doing the eye makeup should be something reserved in private and in front of a full sized mirror anyhow.

Naked Palette 2 has the edge with its duo ended brush, but that is easily overcome with your own additional brush(es).

I don’t believe one needs both Naked Palettes – the original one is better value for money, and can then be mixed and matched with other more daring colours.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and 2 both retail for USD$50 and is available for world-wide delivery on http://www.beautybay.com/

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22 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 vs Naked Palette 2 – Side by Side comparison

    • Rin: I think that’s the main difference between NP 1 & NP 2 – nothing wrong with NP 2, it’s just not as user friendly as NP 1. Hope you’ll get to use it more often whilst travelling!

      I’ve tempted myself to getting NP 1! I’m trying my best not to buy anything, but after swatching and photographing NP 1, I’m not sure how much longer my will power would last :P

  1. Always love your very methodical way of reviewing these. I have the original UD naked palette 1 and rather than the eye brush, I have a dual ended eye 24/7 eye liner in brown and black. Love it alot as it glides on smoothly although it does smudge on my asian eyes after a few hours.
    Lilpil recently posted..Salon Melbourne 2012: Hair & Beauty ExpoMy Profile

    • Lilpil: What can I say, I’m an Analyst after all! Oo I didn’t know some of the original UDNP come with eyeliner – great idea and you’ve got yourself a good buy there!

  2. I pondered buying Naked 2 for a lot of time. I have and love Naked 1 and have used it loads, but I wasn’t sure I needed the other 1 even though I love the concept. I finally gave in and bought it, but it was a disappointment, those colors are all so cool toned that they completely wash me out – even though I am fine with cool browns or blues, usually. That will be a gift for a friend, I guess!
    Mariella (Musing on Beauty) recently posted..FOTD with the Illamasqua Neutral Palette from Human FundamentalismMy Profile

    • Mariella: Ah so that’s what’s wrong with Naked 2! I never got around to actually using both, but upon swatching them, something about the colours in Naked 2 just don’t seem quite “right”.

      No matter – it’s still a great gift!

  3. I’m so torn on this myself…I have Naked 1 and I love it to bits and think the same as you – the shades are pretty unique although they are essentially neutrals. The depth and sheen are different from MAC or any other high end eye shadow…but I’m wondering if I should get the Naked 2. I know I’ll use it but do I really need another 12 neutral shades? haha…maybe I should just take “need” out of the equation. The overall views I’ve seen is that Naked 1 is better but Naked 2 is still pretty good.

    • Beauty Box: I guess it’ll depends how much you use neutrals – I have a few but think Naked 1 is still worth getting. But as for Naked 2 – I dunno, although when it comes to makeup, “need” doesn’t count for much, but I think I’d prefer to spend it on something else I “need” :D

    • Ingrid: The brush in Naked 2 is a stroke of genius! But being a 12 colour palette you’d need additional brushes anyway.

      And as a product developer I really appreciate the effort in naming ALL colours – it’s not an easy task I can tell you!

  4. How much does UD naked2 weight(include its package)? about 1 pound, maybe?
    thanks a lot for your great review! It really helped me.

  5. is Naked2 including its package only 280g? i thought it was 0.5kg at least. would you be able to tell me if the length of its package is longer that 12 inches. thanks very much.

  6. I have very pale skin and i’m 30 and new to attempting makeup. I was leaning more towards pallet 2 just because it looks like it has more lighter colors. Do you think pallet 2 would be better for someone super pale and not going for a dramatic look?

    • Biff: I think if you have cool pale tone skin Naked 2 would work well for you. Both palettes are pretty good so it depends on which colours you’re more comfortable with, especially when you’re just starting on makeup so don’t have a stockpile of already similar products. So yes get Naked 2 – you can always get Naked 1 later down the track.

  7. Thankyou so much for this review. I have been trying to choose which one to buy for sosoososos long! I definately think it is great to get a UDPP with the Original Naked palette and after reading your review, its the one I will be purchasing :)

  8. Hi Tina, I was wondering which palette would you recommend for me. I am a 16 year old and i’m new to make-up for the eye area. Which one would be a more suitable one for me, I prefer having more neutral colours but it seems like both palettes have neutral colours. Thank you and this blog post was really interesting to read!

    • Rochelle: I think Naked 1 is more suitable for warm (yellow/olive/Asian) complexions, whilst Naked 2 is more suitable for cool (pink/Anglos-Saxon) complexions. Thank you for reading my blog and your lovely feedback!

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