Finding Elixir Part 1: 4D Ultra V Lifting (Non-Surgical Facelift)

I have been chasing the elixir of youth since I turned 30, and have been sharing most of that journey here in this blog.  My desire to stay looking 25 forever encompasses skincare, makeup, diet, and of course most importantly through medical cosmetic procedures.

As I turned 38 years old this January, I looked back at my old pictures, and well, I can’t help but blow my own trumpet a bit… Cos I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it:

Ageing Diary

So now, I’ll share with you what has worked for me so far, ie. my current elixir  :lol:

Dermal Fillers are useless for facial lines

I first blogged about my main ageing concerns in My Dermal Filler and Freezer exprience post, which listed nasolabial lines, kitty lines (the ones that go across the top of my cheeks) and downturned mouth as my key issues.

To update on what I think of using dermal fillers as a way of puffing out the facial lines, I say this: IT’S A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! DON’T DO IT!!

Dermal fillers would give you a beautiful fuller face for about 2 months, after which you just experience a sad decline to the way you looked before, all the while your face continues to sag and age, because the effects of dermal fillers is purely cosmetic.

Dermal fillers is not the Elixir; it is just a band-aide.

Generate Collagen, don’t Inject It

They say that 35 is a turning point in the ageing process and I’ve found this to be true.  Despite being told I look young all the time, I saw a rapid decline in the plumpness of my face since turning 35.  After posting about my non-surgical nose augmentation last year, I realised lines are not my main issues – sagginess is! *da-dum-daaaaaaaa* *scream*

Nose enhancement with makeup

Front on, side on, you can see it.  The “apples” of my cheeks are sliding off my face, worsening my nasolabial lines and giving me a weary, older looking face.  I realised how counter-productive dermal fillers would have been, if I had the money to burn to keep injecting them.  I need a constant and on-going supply of collagen from within – my skin needs to be able to produce more collagen, just like it did in my 20s!

I quickly called Star Clinic and made an appointment to see Dr Chiu, a well-known and very reputable plastic surgeon in Taipei, who I know have been performing the Non-Surgical Facelift for the past 2 years or so with great success rate.

4D Ultra V Lifting – the Non-Surgical Facelift 

4D Ultra V Lifting, also called Fine Thread Lifting, came from Korea (where else right?) and involves inserting and attaching thin, barbed polydioxanone threads underneath the skin to lift up the contours of the face.

4D lift procedure

The Experience

Since the illustration above explains the 4D Ultra Lift procedure itself pretty well I won’t repeat it.  It’s a pretty straight forward procedure: I had anaesthetic cream on my face for about an hour, after which the doctor spent about another 40 minutes or so inserting the needles, then I had on an ice pack for another half an hour or so, and I was sent on my merry way home with anti-inflammation and anti-infection medication and ointments.

My 4D procedureIn total, I had 100 needles/threads inserted; 55 on the right side of my face and 45 on the left (since I have more saginess on the right).

How did it feel?  Well I’m not gonna lie – it was bloody painful, and the most painful procedure I’ve done to date!  To describe it is pretty simple: it feels how it looks.  Since the needles are to contain the polydioxanone threads, they cannot be that thin.  So it’s pretty much like having sewing needles jab into your face one after another, and have them stuck there until that area is full of needles.  After which the doctor removes the needles, then starts all over again.

There of course would be bleeding; Dr Chiu said I have very active blood vessels on my face, which meant I bleed A LOT during the procedure.  In fact I did feel warm liquid on my face all the time, and also saw the tissue that the nurse was using to blot my face come up soaked in blood.

Apparently, you can get this procedure general anaesthetic, but when it comes to medical cosmetic procedures, I take safety very seriously, which is why I always stress the importance of researching the procedure and picking the right doctor.  So to me, going under general anaesthetic for something other than actual medical operations is unnecessary and stupid.  With modern science there are now many options to reverse the ageing process, you should only do what you can deal with – physically, financially or even emotionally.

The Results

In addition to instant lifting, since the needles are inserted into the epidermis level of the skin, it stimulates collagen production, prompting a continual self-lifting effect.  So I was told that the full results are seen 3 months afterwards.

4D lift resultsWith 4D procedure there is no downtime, so I was able to go to work with makeup on the day after.  The swelling took about a week to subside, and bruising another.


In comparison to dermal fillers, the 4D Ultra-V Lifting procedure is a much smarter investment!  Even though Dr Chiu told me that it would not help the kitty lines, I still found that it did, as my whole face is plumper and lifted.

However, I was a little disappointed that I did not continue to see improvements after 2 weeks, my nasolabial lines and kitty lines can still be seen, and I didn’t get more “lift” like I was told I would.

However, the next procedure I did made up for it, and the 2 procedures together, have turned back the clock for me.  Stay tune for next week’s post on the 2nd procedure I did.

2014-11-15 16.18.47

4D Ultra V Lifting procedure at the Star Clinic is NT$70K – I had it done on a promotional price of NT$56K (20% off) when paid in cash.

Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation – Round 3

It’s been ages since I’ve written a cosmetic procedure post!  Since arriving at Taiwan, I’ve been enjoying the relatively cheap varieties of cosmetic procedures here, having monthly laser treatments and quarterly botox on the corners of my mouth.

I had my last nose augmentation 2.5 years ago in Malaysia using Bio-Alcamid (see my post here), since it was my second injection, the majority of the filler is still there, although a visible dent can be seen right in the middle of the bridge, and as I said in the previous post, I really wished I’d injected my nose tip last time too.

Preparation/ Research

I’ve been loyal to Jin Yen Clinic, where I got my dermal fillers and botox a couple years ago.  Dr Chen (owner and Chief) there has such great technique when it comes to injectables, and he is so damn nice too!  The rest of the staff are also great, always making me feel very comfortable and well taken cared of.  The Clinic is in the golden area that is known as the East District of Taipei, which not only is very convenient to get to, but the competitiveness of cosmetic industry there means that its prices are also very reasonable.


For these reasons I have referred so many friends and family members to Jin Yen Clinic, and for that Dr Chen offered me 1cc of fillers free of charge – yipee!!!!

Dr Chen is only in the Clinic on Wednesdays (however he also flies to China and tends to all the wealthy ladies there XD), so as soon as our schedules aligned I went to see him quick smart.

On the Day

I rocked up to Jin Yen Clinic at my appointed time of 7pm and the Clinic was in all sorts of frenzy.  You see, it’s 2 weeks prior to Chinese New Year which means that (i) Everyone wants to get freshened up before the new year reunion, and (ii) The clinic will shut for a couple of weeks and the clients are petrified lol.

By the time I actually saw Dr Chen, it was 10pm, a hour after the clinic was suppose to close, so it was a long night for all!

201202081820244 201202081820245

I pointed out the dent in the middle of my nose bridge to Dr Chen, and told him that I want to elongate my nose tip.  Everything else was left up to him – he’s injected me with botox many a times so I trust his expertise completely.

Local anaesthetic is available but as that causes swelling, I only had that for the nose tip.  For the bridge I only had anaesthetic cream and ice applied to numb the area.  I need not have worried though, Dr Chen was so amazing that I hardly felt a thing.  It was definitely one of the least painful procedures I’ve had!


I was prescribed with 3 days worth of anti-inflammatory, and told I can go back and see Dr Chen if I’m unhappy with anything.  Other than slight discomfort from the swelling for a couple of days, I experienced no other negative reactions so no follow-up appointment was required.

Before and After

I am absolutely thrilled with the results!  Dr Chen did such a great job!!  The curvature of the bridge is just right, and the addition to the tip of the nose makes it look more elegant without changing the roundness of it (I didn’t want the tip to look sharp or pointy).

With makeup

Juvederm should last around 6-9 months.  Jin Yen Clinic actually has a red hot special on it at the moment – only NT$8,800 for 1cc!  I’m most probably going to buy one and keep it for my next top-up.

Randomly Me: Magazine Haul and the Loophole to Beauty Shopping

In addition to great food, Taiwan also has great shopping.  So great in fact, that after years of self-proclaiming a “shopping-hater”, I’ve become a shopaholic.  Every month since arriving in Taiwan, I’ve managed to shop away my entire salary, even have gone into over-draft a few times too :P

These days, I manage to shop online, shop on the street stalls whilst going about my normal daily tasks, shop in night markets whilst munching on large fried chicken; I shop beauty products, clothes, beauty treatments, cosmetic procedures, and of course household products.  In short, there are unlimited ways and places for me to spend my money here, and something has to give.

So going through my inventory of beauty products, I am declaring that I SHALL NOT BUY ANOTHER BEAUTY PRODUCT UNTIL I HAVE RUN OUT OF THAT ITEM.  Specifically, this pretty much means that I won’t need to buy any foundation/BB cream, blush or eyeshadow for a verrrry long time.

Whilst I am very happy with my decision, and am determined to stick to it, it is nevertheless SO DAMN difficult.  Makeup will always be my weakness, and my eyes sparkle with love hearts when I see the latest colour collections.

Here I cue the Taiwanese edition of beauty magazines.  In addition to being the country of great food and shopping, Taiwan is also THE country for the best magazine tip-ons.  So good that I shop the magazines for the tip-ons, which I believe, is the perfect loophole to my beauty shopping ban.

This is what I picked up today:

Mag haul all

Marie Claire and Elle Taiwan never fails to delight with their fantastic tip-ons.  The January edition of Marie Claire comes with a free sample size (12ml) of Peter Thomas Roth retinol serum AND a full size (290ml) of 自白肌 Intense Brightening Toner.  Elle Taiwan tip-on is a wet/dry foundation compact by Korean brand Oriks – and boy am I excited to get into it!


OriksAnd whilst I was at the bookstore (please do visit Eslite bookstore if you’re in Taiwan – it’s so awesomely huge AND open 24 hours!), I also picked up Fashionguide’s 2014 Best Cosme and my favourite makeup artist Xiao Kai’s latest book.

FG BookXiao Kai bookUnfortunately both books are a bit of a disappointment and came with no GWP :( I shall stick to the magazines from now on.

Of course, Mr Ronan totally disagrees with my loophole, as I’d stupidly admitted to him that I buy the magazines for the tip-ons.  But hey, THE REGISTER says I’m buying magazines NOT beauty products right???

Here’s to the continuation of my beauty haul ban! :D

Change My Race: Are you fucking kidding me?

As much as I adore using the swear word beginning with F in my everyday life (and yes, I have managed to continue to do so here in Taiwan), I refrain from using it when I’m in “discussions”, as I don’t want to come across irrational.  So with that in mind, other than the 1 F word in the title of this blog post, I shan’t use it for the remainder of it, not even in the censored version.

What has gotten me so worked up, is this piece of sh…ahem *gulp*… program, that was aired on the Australian network SBS on 3rd of December.  You can watch it here if you’re interested (video expires Dec 17th), I have to admit I wasn’t, as after reading the synopsis I can pretty much gather what nonsense it’s about:

Anna Choy takes a personal and highly confronting journey uncovering the growing trend of de-racialisation cosmetic surgery in Australia. Procedures include extreme facial contouring, double eyelid surgery, nose jobs, skin whitening and calf reductions. But as Anna digs deeper into what drives people to change their race, she comes face to face with her own demons. 

My assumptions were verified when I watched this segment of Australian morning show Sunrise:

Having grown up in Australia, I love the country and am proud to be an Aussie – case in point my penchant for swearing, and beer.  I am also proud of my Asian heritage, and other than a couple of years in primary school when I first moved to Australia where I copped a bit of unoriginal and laughable teasing, I experienced absolutely no prejudice of any kind, and I can confidently say the same for all my Asian friends.

In fact, I’ve always considered myself lucky to have the best of both worlds: I have the traditional values and strict discipline from an Asian culture, as well the courage to do, think and speak for myself from the Australian culture.  And hey, I can speak two languages!

Me 1

It is for this very reason, that I am so very angered, and furthermore disappointed, by this so-called “documentary”, which is even more sensationalised than the Bogan-creation Australian programs aka Today Tonight and A Current Affair.  It vilifies Australia and ALL of the people living in it, when in actual fact Australia is an awesome country, celebrated and loved by most of its residents for its diversity of culture and people.


So after keeping mum about this topic for so long, I can no longer do so after hearing it coming from the mouth (ie. media) from the country that love me just as much as I love it so dearly. Taking the story of one insecure, possibly depressed girl who happens to be of Asian descent and is having plastic surgeries for all the wrong reasons, then turning it into a propaganda about how intolerant the white Australians are against other races, and a generalisation that ALL Asians have plastic surgeries because they hate being Asian and want to be white. Seriously SBS?  What has happened to you?

Let me say this once, and let me say this slooowly, in perfectly fluent, slightly Occa accented English: ASIANS DO NOT HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY TO BECOME WHITE~~  If you care to hang around, allow me to explain.

For some reason, the Western media thinks all Asian women should look like this:


Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui – you’ll need this for reference later on

Oh yes very beautiful and elegant, she was also from the 1700′s.  If this is how it works, then Hollywood starlets should look like this:

Nancy Parsons, the Female Pilot, 18th century courtesan.

Omg did I just see her on the Victoria Secret parade? Errr… don’t think so!

Here’s the Deal

It’s absolute rubbish and extremely Anglo-centric to say that Asian people get plastic surgery to look like white people. For more than the last 20 years or so, there have been an abundance of Asian people in Australia, and as I said previously, I and none of my Asian friends have ever felt alienated, nor have we found our heritage to be a hindrance to any aspect of our lives in Australia.

The real reason that plastic surgery has become more popular in these few years is due to the influence of ASIAN pop culture.  Yes – Asians want to be Asians!!!

what the f

(hey look the F word didn’t come from me okay?)

Thanks to the Internet, now anyone, anywhere can access media from any part of the world, and it’s natural to seek out style or beauty idols who have a similar background to you.  I can tell you that websites that contain Asian drama series, TV programs, music, fashion have enormously high popularity amongst those of Asian descent who live in Western countries.  Hell, it’s how I’ve managed to pick my Mandarin back up (thank you!

This popularity has sky-rocketed in the last couple of years; pretty much in the same way that the Western world was hit by Gangnam Style.   So nowadays, Asian girls who live in Canada, are pretty much aspiring to the same beauty ideals as her Taiwanese counterparts, which could look like this:


Girl’s Generation – apparently the biggest K-pop girl group of 2013. I know they’re huge (I’m not that old), but I had to Google “hottest korean girl band 2013″ lol

Or this:


Hyuna – I noticed her for her song “Bubble Pop”, such an annoying song but yet so catchy. Anyhow she is HOT. Oh BTW she’s the girl who dances with Psy in Gangnam Style.

Or this:

Dream Girls Taiwan

Dream Girls from Taiwan – pretty talentless but fun to look at.

(Apologies if I haven’t included your favourite Asian starlet(s).  I’m not familiar with pop culture from all Asian countries – I work 60 hours a week and I’m over 35 y.o.  >.<)

Whilst these girls don’t look like Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui, I think it’s pretty damn obvious that they are all Asians righhhhtt???  So most Asian girls are actually emulating and aspiring to look like their favourite Korean pop star, NOT their plain Jane next door neighbour!

But those Girls don’t look Asian

OK if you’re still thinking this then I’ll explain it further.  I’ll explain it further not because I’m a patient person but because it’s a Saturday night and it’s raining outside, so I can’t be bothered doing anything else except for drinking wine and having a self therapy session by releasing my frustrations through my fingers and onto the laptop.

Let us look at Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui again.  Seriously I didn’t even have any idea who she was until I Googled ‘Empress’ in Chinese, found the picture, then had to Google again to translate her Chinese name to English.


Anyway first of all notice how porcelain-like her skin is.  White skin has been popular amongst Chinese women for centuries, even before they have even sighted a single Caucasian person, as a pale complexion means that the girl is from a family wealthy enough not to have to subject her to outdoor labour.  As early as the 3rd century, Japanese women rubbed bags of rice bran on their faces and used nightingale droppings to whiten the skin, the exact motivation I’m unsure of, but I’d assume it’s also not influenced by Caucasians!

As far as larger rounder eyes and taller nose; these are simply parts of an evolution of what is considered beautiful, no more shocking than fuller lips and sleeker hair for Caucasian women.  If Asians really want to emulate Caucasian features, then why doesn’t Hyuna have a large hook nose and wide deep set eyelids?


Oh the Ego! *Facepalm*

The truly sad thing here is how the Australian media, with this one single piece of garbage, can actually fuel the white superiority and the divide between the races, where none existed before.

It is arrogant beyond belief and a little too convenient to be able to attribute all the current desirable features by the Asians to the Caucasians.  The white skin, the eyes and the nose I’d already explained; if you still don’t get it then please click on the little x button on the top right hand corner of the screen, as I really don’t need to bang my head against the wall whilst not getting paid a single currency of any kind.

As for the V-shaped face, less prominent jawbone and cheekbones, slim calves – why I had no idea those are Caucasian people’s features!?  Have I missed an important headline?


Let’s Flip the Coin

Interestingly, no one says Caucasian people are trying to be black when they get an tan, their lips puffed up with fillers, and boobs enlarged with silicon.  Or that they’re trying to be Asian when they get their noses reduced, their hair straightened and dyed black, and loose weight to be skinny.

Liv Tyler wants to be black!


Megan Fox wants to be Asian!

Megan Fox Nose JobWait… Kate Moss wanted to be Asian back in 1990!

Kate_Moss_Calvin_KleinCameron Diaz wants to be black… and Asian… and Hispanic?  Oh I’m getting so confused by all this racial appearance stereotypes *knocks head*

Cameron Diaz

My Take on Plastic Surgery in Taiwan

I’ve specifically said Taiwan because obviously I am not Korean and I don’t live in Korea, so I would be in no authority to comment on the mentality of why they go through plastic surgery there (hmmm kinda like the makers of that doco heh?)  But here in Taiwan, plastic surgery is fairly common, cosmetic procedures even more so, and most people including celebrities are open and honest about it.

The most common procedures here, are double eyelid surgery, nose enhancement, chin enhancement, face fillers.

What happens when something is readily available to you, that you know you can get just as easily and in just the same quality as your favourite celebrity?  It becomes no big deal. In Taiwan, it’s all about doing whatever make you feel your best.  I work with as many women who don’t wear a scrap of makeup as those who wear a full face of makeup (including massive fake eyelashes) to work everyday.  Either party judge or think anything of the other.

Except for celebrities and models, no normal person would be made to feel that they must go get surgery for a smaller face or taller nose, but if someone feels that it’s important enough for her/him, they go and do something about it, that’s all plastic surgery is here.

Me 2My Final Words

The pressure to look a certain way is there across the globe, and more and more people, regardless of race, are getting plastic surgery.  Besides doing the research to find a good doctor, first and foremost you MUST BE doing it for the right reasons, and have a healthy sense of self-esteem to begin with.

I’ve had fillers to enhance my nose bridge, botox to lift the corners of my mouth and fillers/thermage to counter the effects of ageing. None of what I’ve done is to look like anyone else (let alone a Caucasian!) – I want to look like the best version of ME.

It would seem that SBS is the one who’s wanting to Change its Race –  it has decided that being the smart geeky foreign exchange student is no longer the way to go; it’s much more important to be, like, all popular and stuff, and has she got some goss for you!

A Lazy Girl’s Diary to Losing Weight – Week 2

OK so it’s really been almost 2 weeks since my last weight loss update, but I’ve actually slowed right down with the pills so thought I’d update at the end of my first round of it.

I’m happy to report that I’m back to my pre-Taiwan/ pre-mid-thirties normal weight of 53kgs!

Weight 0913

I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes, and actually feel less tiring carrying my own weight around.  Some people have noticed my weight loss too – Mr Ronan said I looked good in an outfit when it was just simple black pants and a jersey top!

I’m getting more used to my new eating habits – I actually do enjoy eating breakfast, I just wish I can eat some carbs for it (Gimme pancakes! Gimme rice rolls! Gimme 3 in 1!)… but generally I have some fruit (7-Eleven’s plate o’ guava, pear & cherry tomatoes), a hard-boiled egg, and a bottle of drinking yoghurt.  I have a big lunch of meat & veg (or just veg, if where I’m eating has no just meat options), and plain soup noodles or pasta for dinner.

However, the reason I’ve been taking it much slower with the pills is the insomnia.  I’ve experienced no other side effects, the slight headache has subsided, and I go to the toilet just the same as I always did.  But I have gotten used to the sleeping aids that were also prescribed to me, and have found it impossible to go to sleep most days when I take the pills.  So I take it 1 day, and have a couple of days off, so my 2nd week of pills have lasted almost 2 weeks.

I went back on Friday night to get my last 3 day’s worth of pills changed again due to the insomnia problem, and whilst on Friday night I was able to sleep, Saturday night I wasn’t.  I’m thinking it could also be due to the fact that I didn’t drink much water yesterday, so I shall get back onto drinking the instructed 3 litres of water, and have a glass of milk + banana for supper, and a glass of red + an omega-3 capsule like the doctor recommended to see how I go with the last day of the pills.

So it’s going to take a little longer for me to get down to my goal weight, but I’m happy to be heading in the right direction.  Hopefully with my return to the doctor’s, the next round of pills will be just the right dosage for me *fingers crossed*

A Lazy Girl’s Diary to Losing Weight – Week 1

It’s been 1 week since I started appetite suppressant aided weight loss program, and I’m happy to report that things are going quite well, and I’ve lost around 1.5 kg (the previous weigh-in was in the middle of the day; whereas this one was first thing in the morning) – thumbs up!

Weight 0902

The weight loss isn’t visible to those around me yet, but for me, I now feel more comfortable in my clothes, and not like they’re strangling me.

I went back to the clinic to up the dosage of the pills on the 3rd day, since I was feeling no difference in my appetite in the first couple of days.  The first day with the increased dosage, I actually felt MORE hungry than usual, and I was worried that even this wouldn’t work for me.

Luckily the extreme hunger settled down, I now still feel hungry at meal times but my inclination to pig out is reduced.  This I feel is a good thing, as after I’m off the pills, I want to be able to deal with my hunger by eating just the right amount, rather than stuffing myself until my stomach feels like it’s about to burst.

In terms of diet, I’ve started to eat breakfast, and eating less for dinner.  For years I’ve gone without breakfast, only to pig out at dinner time, which again causes me to be not hungry for breakfast.  So I’m slowly trying to change this, by having at least a serving of fruit for breakfast, and just a fist size of carbs for dinner.

I’ve not experience much side-effects with the current dosage.  No heart palpitations, extreme thirst, or restlessness.  I am experiencing some insomnia, a slight inability to go, and occasional mild headache (like cloudiness on the back of my head).  So like I said in the previous post, this in no way is going to be a long-term method of weight management for me.

Here’s to the 2nd week, and I’m hoping this week will make a visible difference to my appearance!

A Lazy Girl’s Diary to Losing Weight – Day 0

It’s been 2 years since I wrote my Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off blog post, and things have changed since I moved to Taiwan.  Perhaps it’s my inability to resist all the good food, especially noodles; perhaps it’s the beers that I enjoy even more in such hot and humid weather; or perhaps it’s a natural part of ageing – whatever the reason, I’ve gone beyond my OMG weight, and have found it impossible to shift any of it.

Weight 0825Now I know that this weight is not obese, however it is the heaviest I’ve been for a very long time, and makes me feel very uncomfortable in my clothes.

So last weekend I bit the bullet and visited a fairly well-known weight loss clinic in Taipei, which prescribes appetite suppressants + calorie controlled diet for weight loss.

Before Consultation

I secured an appointment with the weight loss clinic on Saturday afternoon, which involves firstly filling out forms with regards to my current health conditions and lifestyle (including dietary) habits.

After the forms I was taken to measure my weight, body fat %, blood pressure, and width of waist, arms, bum.  They also took a blood sample which needs to be analysed and cleared for the diet.

I’m not going to reveal the measurements (at this point, at least), but this is what I look like now.  I’m the most unhappy about my (tuck-shop lady) arms and (thunder) legs, which have always been my problem areas.  The area that rings the alarm for me, is my tummy area – I’ve always had a relatively slim waist, and getting a gut is not normal.

Body Shot 0825


The consultation was very quick, which was quite disappointing since I was hoping the doctor would explain to me the meaning of all the forms I filled in.  The doctor placed me in the program which still requires me to control what I eat – which is to eat no carbs for breakfast and lunch (except for fruit), and small amount of non-greasy carbs for dinner.

This was quite surprising to me as I always thought carbs at night is a big no-no.  But alas there was still not much explanation to that, and I was sent on my way with a prescription of 2 weeks worth of pills.


Another doctor (or pharmacist?) talked me through the bags of pills I was prescribed – they vary in dosage and combination for Day 1-3; Day 4-7 and Day 8-14.

I was advised to drink at least 3 litres of water during the program, and various methods to overcome the side-effects that may come with the pills.  I’m glad the clinic is just around the corner from where I live, as it offers me a peace of mind should the pills deem unsuitable for me.

After Consultation

I was to wait for 2 business days for my blood test to return, so the clinic can give me the all-clear to go on the program.

And today, I got a phone call telling me I’m all good to go.

So tomorrow I shall begin on the program, and will document my progress on a weekly basis.  Just to be clear, I’m no way condoning appetite suppressants as a good long-term way to loose weight, and am hoping to reach my goal weight of 48kg in 4 weeks time, after which I will try my best to maintain it for as long as I possibly can.

Wish me luck!

Fun Sized Taiwan: Large Fried Chicken

Name:  Large Fried Chicken 大雞排

What it is:  As its name states, this is a HUGE piece of battered chicken that’s been fried, salted and fried.   The size is bigger than a grown human’s head!

Why I love it:  Move over KFC, the Taiwanese large fried chicken is as big in flavour as it is in size.  The coating is crunchy and packed full of tasty spices (you can get it with or without chilli powder), and once you bite into it, the chicken is oh so tender and juicy.

Be aware, these fried chickens are so huge, you’re likely to need 2, 3 or even 4 friends to be able to chomp through it in one sitting.

Where to get it: Hot Star Fried Chicken 豪大大雞排 111台北市士林區文林路113號

The most well-known franchise for large fried chicken in Taiwan, you can find a stall in most night markets in Taiwan.  I stick to its first branch: in Shilin Night Market.

View Larger Map

Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream SPF28 PA++

Just when the world has now understood BB Cream – there is a new kid on the block: CC Cream.  CC Cream stands for Colour Correction Cream, and was first launched into the market just under a year ago, the most famous one being the Chanel CC Cream (CC for the double C – clever heh?).

The main difference between CC Cream and BB Cream is that the latter offers more coverage (as it’s designed to cover up the redness after laser treatments).  Now if you’re thinking “hmm a base product that offers sheer coverage and has sun protection?  Sounds like a tinted moisturiser to me”, I have to say I completely agree.  For that reason, I told myself I was not to purchase one, and even resisted when I had to buy 6 of them for my MBBE girls.

But all good reasons went out the window when I visited Korea about a month ago, and I picked up the Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream as one of the mere 4 beauty items that I limited myself to (due to Mr Ronan’s plea).

I’ll review this CC Cream on the same criteria that I reviewed BB Creams:

  1. Packaging
  2. Coverage
  3. Dry to touch finish
  4. Natural skin feel
  5. Fragrance
  6. Longevity

Packaging: 4/5

Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream is housed in a flat squeeze tube with metallic finish.  Like majority of the BB Creams on the market it has a small nozzle, which dispenses well and is hygienic.  The product is also a very generous 50ml which would last a good while even with daily use.

Coverage: 4/5

The Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream actually has pretty good coverage, which is why I picked it up.  I wanted something that I could wear on the weekends that is not as paste-like as BB Cream; one that covers up the blemishes a bit but doesn’t “white-out” my entire face.

The formula is that of a self-adjusting formula: the slightly pink fluid turns to a beige colour upon application.

The finish is dewy, however it sank into the pores and the lines on my face (for some reason I didn’t notice this when I swatched it on my hand in-store).

Dry-to-touch finish: 0/5

This doesn’t really apply to CC Creams as much as BB Creams, but is important for me for any base product.  However, I rate this product a big fat ZERO as no matter how I tried, the Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream just does not set on my face AT ALL.

With every swipe over my face as I apply this product onto my face, I leave finger marks everywhere I touched.  No matter which way I tried, this product just doesn’t blend into my skin, and stays wet, making subsequent powder application impossible.

Natural skin feel: 1/5

Mostly due to the fact that I can’t get the Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream to blend properly, I end up applying more product onto my face than I should.  And for some reason, the “self-adjusting” formula adjust to an orangey beige, and I look like an Oompa-Loompa >.<

Fragrance: 3.5/5

The fragrance of Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream is floral, with only a tinge of underlying sunscreen smell.  Both the floral and sunscreen smell linger, with the sunscreen smell coming through a bit more as time goes on, but is tolerable to me.

Longevity: 3/5

I can’t really comment on the longevity for certain; as due to the wet and uneven finish, I’ve had to pack on a LOT of powder when I wear this product.  But considering how dewy it is, it doesn’t do too badly – at the end of a work day I still have some product on my face.

TOTAL SCORE: 11.5/30

Perhaps due to the fact that the condition of my skin is not ideal right now, and that I got a bad tan from stupidly forgetting to bring my sunscreen to Korea with me; but the Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream just doesn’t work for me at all.  It looked fine when I swatched it on the back of my hand in store, but when I tried to apply it onto my face, it’s uneven, sinks into lines, and makes me look orange.

Cathy Cat Wonder Moist Shine CC Cream retails for about 24,000 Korean Won and is available from Olive Young Korea-wide.  It’s also available in Moist-Cover (more coverage) and Moist-Tone Up (a slight greeny based) variants.